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Welcome to Miss Sherwin's 8th grade class!

 I am your child's 8th grade special ed. teacher. I am excited and anticipating a wonderful year. I am looking forward to working with you this school year. My classroom environment is centered around the BIST model. This model is designed to teach and protect students, via Grace and Accountability so that students can demonstrate the 3 goals for life and make good choices. Along with this model, I teach the 3 R's (respect yourself, others, property), Peace for Kids curriculum, and implement the PBIS program.

Classroom Expecations                                                                      

Listen and follow Directions

Respect Yourself, Others, and Property

Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

Work quietly and do not disturb others

Student Goals for Life :

I can be productive and follow directions even if Im mad. (overwhelmed by feelings)

I can be productive and follow directions even if others are not okay.

I can be productive and follow directions even if I dont want to. (even if difficult).

Rewards                                                               Consequences

Respect/Praise                                                      2 Verbal Warnings

Positive Notes Home                                              Safe Seat

Monthly Rewards/Group Rm. activities                       Recovery

Lunch w/Ms. Sherwin                                             Social Worker/call parent

classroom helper                                                    referral


Daily Assignments

Please remember to check your child's agenda/planner each night for daily assignments.

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned throughout the week. Work sent home will be used as reinforcement of concepts learned in class. Students will receive extra credit for all assignments returned.



Daily Schedule

Advisory- 8:30-8:50                                         Contact Information:

UA- 8:52- 10:07                                               Michelle Sherwin

Block 1- 10:09-11:24                              

Flex- 11:27-12:05                                            618-474-2083

Lunch- 12:09-12:39

Block 2- 12:43-1:58

Block 3- 2:00-3:15


Alton School District: 1854 E. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002 | Phone: 618-474-2600 Fax: 618-463-2126

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